Open Learning Model

Over on the Coeducate project blog I have posted about open learning as a business model for the UoB. The main idea is illustrated by the diagram below where I have attempted to encapsulate the key dimensions of the model. I think the key question I struggle with, however, is whether HEI are capable of transforming the way they do their business. My observations are that HEI are great at ‘doing’ isolated islands of innovation, but relatively poor at systemic change.


2 thoughts on “Open Learning Model

  1. Stephen Downes

    Why do you represent ‘self-organized learning’ as involving ‘self evaluation’. You can organize your own learning and then be subject to a wide range of assessments and accreditation.

  2. Stephen Powell

    Yes I agree. I was trying to highlight the fact that an individual may have no care for external recognition (one of the services provided by HEI) but be motivated for intrinsic reasons, this too is a valuable affordance of open learning.


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