This assessment portfolio is presented to achieve Fellowship of Seda (FSEDA). It comprises a scholarly account of case studies of academic development work aligned to SEDA specialist outcomes (SO), with a portfolio of evidence hyperlinked throughout my claim. Secondly, it contextualises my work in terms of the SEDA values and looks forward to my ongoing professional development.

I have chosen to evidence the SO through three case studies, referring to the different SO where appropriate [SO 1-5]. To structure my reflection, I have used Gibbs (1988 p.49-50) model of reflection with its six stages: description; feelings; evaluation; analysis; conclusions; and action plans.

Evidence base outline

Case 1: the Ultraversity project was established to develop a new model for undergraduate HE to “reach the people that normal residential universities can’t”. To do this, a particular set of pedagogical and organisational arrangements were made to personalise the experience for students. My role as the project director.

Case 2: the Coeducate Project sought to understand the nature of curriculum innovation and change across the university to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the curriculum design and development processes. My role as the project manager.

Case 3: is developed from my current employment and shows where this work is rooted in my previous experience. My role as an academic developer.

The portfolio contains: