Dr. Stephen Powell PhD: Innovating the development of Work Focussed Learning in higher education

Where possible, I have indicated my percentage contribution to the portfolio item and most of these were agreed with collaborators and letters submitted as a part of application process.  Where this wasn’t possible, I have estimated a percentage contribution following discussions with my supervisors.

As mention in the introduction, the issue of contributions to development of practice is a vexed question as by the nature of activity, it is possible that many people have made contributions and recognising them all is not possible.

In some cases, portfolio items are commentaries on the work I have been involved in and are used as evidence of impact and, therefore, percentage contributions are not applicable.

 Portfolio item Description My collaboration & contribution [%]
P1 Chris Smith MP – Ultraversity support letter (April 2003) Not applicable
P2 Validation documents, ‘The Negotiated Award Pathway’ (Ultralab & UCANA)(April 2003) Pete Bradshaw, Carol Chapman, Stephen Heppell, Richard Millwood & Ian Terrell [20%]
P3 Ultraversity Project Plan (September 2003) Ultraversity team [60%]
P4 Anglia Polytechnic University, employment contract for Ultraversity Project Leader (March 2004) Not applicable
P5 Report to Te Wananga o Aotearoa. Development of Online Delivery for Te Korowai Kohungahunga: Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood (July 2004) Project lead by Dr Rita Walker. My specific contribution was around developing online provision and pedagogical approach based on Ultraversity.
P6 Ultralab South Breakfast Presentation – Ultraversity (August 2004) [100]
P7 The Guardian newspaper article, ‘Work in progress’ (August 2004) Not applicable
P8 Ultraversity face-to-face CPD event (September 2004) Team contributions [30]
P9 Ultraversity face-to-face CPD event (January 2005) Team contributions [30]
P10 Bournemouth University The Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (CEMP-CETL), startup meeting for consultancy work to support development of a Masters programme (March, 2005) Lesley McGuire [30]
P11 Bradshaw, P., Powell, S., Terrell, I., 2005. Developing Engagement in Online Community of Inquiry: lessons for higher education. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 42 (3), pp.205-215. Pete Bradshaw and Ian Terrell [33]
P12 Ultraversity face-to-face CPD event (October 2005) Team contributions [30]
P13 Ultraversity recruitment flyer (2006) Not applicable
P14 The Guardian newspaper article, ‘Universities adapt to a shrinking world’ (March 2006) Not applicable
P15 The Guardian newspaper article, ‘The university where everyone’s a stranger’ (March 2006) Not applicable
P16 Jisc, 2007. Effective Practice with e-Assessment Guide. ‘The e-portfolio route to accreditation’ Not applicable
P17 Millwood, R., Powell, S., Tindal, I. (2007) Undergraduate Student Researchers – the Ultraversity Model for Work-Based Learning. Proceedings of the 2nd TENCompetence Open Workshop – Service Oriented Approaches and Lifelong Competence Development Infrastructures, pp. 157-166. UoB: Bolton. Richard Millwood & Ian Tindal [60]
P18 Interdisciplinary, Inquiry-based Learning (IDIBL) project plan (September 2007) Oleg Liber, Richard Millwood, Mark Johnson [50]
P19 Meeting with Faculty of Built Environment to discuss IDIBL framework for programmes in Regeneration Not applicable
P20 Powell, S., Millwood, R., Tindal, I. 2008. Developing technology-enhanced, work- focussed learning – a Pattern Language approach. Proceedings for TSSOL 2008, Technology Support for Self-Organised Learners. Salzburg, Austria 26 May 2008. Open University of the Netherlands: Heerlen. Richard Millwood & Ian Tindal [70]
P21 Powell, S., Tindal, I., Millwood, R. (2008) Personalised Learning and the Ultraversity Experience. Interactive Learning Environments, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 63 – 81. Routledge. Richard Millwood & Ian Tindal [70]
P22 Powell, S., Tindal, I., Millwood, R. (2008) Learning Through Enquiry Alliance Conference, Conference Presentation. ‘The student as researcher -action for improvement in the workplace.’ University of Sheffield: Sheffield. Richard Millwood & Ian Tindal [70]
P23 Powell, S., Tindal, I., 2009. The Undergraduate Student as Action Researcher. University Vocational Awards Council Annual Conference, Higher Education – Skills in the Workplace: delivering employer-led higher level wok-based learning. York, England 13-14 November, 2008. University Vocational Awards Council: Bolton. Richard Millwood & Ian Tindal [70]
P24 Coeducate project weblog (December 2008 – April 2012) [100]
P25 IDIBL framework validation documents (June 2008) Richard Millwood [50]
P26 NUCCAT Workshop Series ‘Inter-disciplinary Inquiry-Based Learning (IDIBL)’ (January 2008) Richard Millwood [60]
P27 Powell, S., 2009. CO-EDUCATE – Curriculum design for the 21st Century. CAL’ 09 Learning in Digital Worlds. Bournemouth, UK 23-25 Mar. CAL: Bournemouth [100]
P28 Coeducate Project Plan (May 2009) Oleg Liber [70]
P29 Masters in Learning with Technology external examiner’s report (October 2009) Not applicable
P30 Coeducate Baseline Report (July 2009) Oleg Liber [70]
P31 Coeducate ‘issue video’ for Jisc programme meeting (Nov 2009) [100]
P32 Coeducate poster presentation for Jisc programme meeting, ‘Viable Systems Model’ (Nov 2009) Oleg Liber [50]
P33 Powell, Stephen, and Richard Millwood. 2011. “A Cybernetic Analysis of a University-wide Curriculum Innovation.” Campus Wide Information Systems 28 (4): 258–274 Richard Millwood [70]
P34 Coeducate Institutional Story, Final Report (July 2012) Bill Olivier [70]


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