Diagnostic tool: reflective audit of professional duties

Posted to SEDA course forum Wednesday, 4 November 2015, 1:45 PM

Diagnostic Tool – Reflective Audit of Professional Duties

The Audit

Tick the box that best describes your perception of your ability in each area. This is not a test, it is purely a tool to help you to ascertain where you own professional development needs might lie. Some of the areas may not be relevant to your particular role at this time; in which case write N/A in the box. The comments box is for you to explain, for yourself, your response to each area of activity and to note where you might wish to focus your professional development activities.

Area of activity/awareness as a developer. Novice Unsure Competent  Confident Expert Comments
1) Carrying out a needs analysis x In the context of organisational capability needs assessment, less experience on an individual level.
2) Setting goals x
3) Planning events x Thinking about one-off workshops, mini conferences when I fill this out rather than CPD activities.
4) Running events x
5) Consultancy in educational development x This would include technical consultancy around systems and processes as well as some T&L.
6) Monitoring and evaluating staff and educational development x This I have filled in from a programme leader perspective, rather than an academic developer.
7) Educational development through ICT x
8) Working on educational development projects x This I have answered from a broad context of developing new online programmes that required significant staff development work.
9) Development in the disciplines x Not so sue about this, happy to work across disciplines but there are some large gaps in my experience!
10) Working with institutional agendas x Can’t be avoided!
11) Working with national agendas x
12) Strategies for coping x
13) Working with diversity x Lots of ways I could interpret this, so a bit unsure.
14)  Evidence informed practice x Research and scholarly practice gave me confidence in this.
15) Disseminating good practice x
16) Accessing/providing sources of educational development materials x

After completing this self-review:

I think I was clear about this before, but the above inventory activity confirms this.  My main strength is the breadth of experience rather than any particular area in the inventory. This has come at the expense of the depth that would come from a longer time spent working in a particular context or on a set of activities.  Of course, the flipside of this can be a weakness in certain contexts, but on balance, I would rather it this way round. If I were to single out an area, it would be the bringing together of a holistic view of building organisational capabilities to develop and deliver online programmes.

I have a straightforward priority for the coming year to undertake a level 7 module on Educational Sustainable Development because I recognise it as a gap and something that is important.  I also want to publish something around the academic developer role connected to the work I am undertaking on the programme leadership role.