Jisc Effective Practice with e-Assessment

This new publication from Jisc gives an overview of e-Assessment in HE, identifying the key elements of good practice (appropriateness; timeliness; relevance; accessibility; validity, quality of supporting systems) and then illustrating these through a series of case studies.

Ultraversity collaborators (researchers and staff, past and present) may wish to read about it in the section on learner-focused practice (page 32-33):

Learner’s ownership of the process is a distinguishing feature of this mode of assessment. For the BA (Hons.) Learning, Technology and Research degree offered by Ultraversity, students exhibit the findings from research undertaken in their workplace for critical feedback from their colleagues. Their findings, together with the feedback, are then presented for assessment in an e-portfolio, demonstrating how a mode of assessment can capture the process as well as the outcomes of learning. The student’s experience of assessment is more authentic, since much is based on their own experience of the workplace, so for many students this approach is empowering as well as demanding. It also develops skills valuable in a 21st century workforce: communication, problem-solving, presentation and collaboration.

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