Webnote for presentations


I was helping to run some workshops this last couple of days for a collection of HE lecturers. One of my tasks was to give a short presentation on Ultraversity. I decided to use webnote for this partly because I had seen it talked about in the UV communities, but mostly because Pete and Jonathan used it for their TTA presentation (the basis of my efforts). Here it is if you want to have a look and please feel free to correct errors and make some improvements if you want to. You might want to do your own and if so, just chop the ultraversity_tta off the URL and start your own webnote WIKI by simply typing its name in the field on the right hand side of the page.

Great software, possibilities for collaboration, a fresh way to do a presentation!

2 thoughts on “Webnote for presentations

  1. Jonathan Furness

    What’s really nice about this tool is that you can write HTML code straight into the editable stickies and this gets rendered as HTML pages…. rather neat.

    Try using the search box at the top of the window, type in a keyword (one that exists in at least one of your stickies, and watch what happens! Pete and I used ‘abracadabra’ http://www.aypwip.org/webnote/ultraversity_tta – we kind of made the point that there was no magic formula for online community….

    Also like the RSS feed that this provides, so you could produce a collaborative


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