Ultraversity means….

I am posting just two illustrative quotes from Ultraversity researchers about their Ultraversity degree experience. They articulate the views of many researchers in recognising just how transformative of practice a workplace can be and for the Ultraversity project that is very encouraging. The TTA report on impact (Gina Revill and Ian Terrell) is looking into this aspect in detail and will be published in summer.

There is a less encouraging although not unexpected messages as well and that is the high degree of frustration of researchers who don’t believe their institutions are matching their level of professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm to make a difference. This is the ‘knowing what and knowing how’ central to the degree experience, but not capitalised on by many (not all) of the institutions with Ultraversity researchers.

(Both quotes used are done so with permission of the individuals involved.)

“I really feel that once we have completed this degree we will have learned skills that will be extremely valuable as we progress in our careers. The student teacher I am working with at the moment says that her course feeds the students facts, which they then have to try to put into practice. We are being made to think for ourselves.”

” I am aware of evaluating everything I do or am asked to do much more carefully than I used to, wanting to know why we are doing things in such a way and what will be the outcome of what we do. I think finding that other members of staff won’t allow their views to be challenged has left me quite disheartened, change is something which doesn’t seem to be embraced readily by some teaching staff at the school (particularly when suggested by a teaching assistant!) and it means it is difficult to put into practice some of the ideas and good practice emerging from the course.”

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