Yahoo pipes: a pipe for ex colleagues…

I have been playing around with Yahoo pipes for a while – a web service that lets you aggregate, filter, sort and broadcast RSS feeds. I think this is a great tool that ‘should’ be more popular than it is. Like many good ideas, the difficulty is trying to see how it can be used. To this end, I have created a pipe for people that I know who blog who used to work for the now defunct Ultralab. There may be more than those on my list, so if you do blog and want adding please do ask.

I suppose I am working on some notion that weak links may be worth preserving. I realise everyone is already on Facebooked and Linkdin, etc…, but it is worth a play:^)

Web aggregation

RSS Feed

Sam Deane
Tom Smith
Stephen Powell
Lydia Arnold
Derek Wenmoth
Pete Bradshaw
Joanthan Furness
Matthew Eaves
Shirley Pickford
Malcolm Moss
Richard Millwood
Ian Terrell
Stephen Heppell

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