UK and China sign e-learning deal

UK and China sign e-learning deal:

An online education deal is being signed between firms in the UK and China – with plans to reach 20 million students.

(Via BBC News | Education | UK Edition).

Great news for UK PLC, but I can’t help being a little depressed by the views expressed in the article. Thoughts that spring to mind is that this smacks of a patronising and colonial attitude that is ill informed being unaware of innovative approaches to online learning worldwide!

“The deal will see the UK’s LP+ group building a system for delivering online lessons in China.

The firm’s chief executive, Mehool Sanghrajka, says it is a sign of the rapid globalisation of education and training.

The education market is “no longer a cottage industry”, he says.

LP+ will provide an online learning system for secondary school lessons in the Chinese language – with lessons accessible through an internet browser.”

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