Drive for more mature students | BBC News

The BBC reports: Derive for more mature students

The rhetoric reported below fits squarely with our work at the Institute for Educational Cybernetics at Bolton University, as we work towards developing a range of new offering for workplace-based learning using inquiry methodology. It will be interesting to see if the governments words translate into any concrete action that helps us achieve this.

Universities are being urged to design more courses to allow people of working age to get a degree.

Universities Secretary John Denham has told university leaders to attract more mature students by designing courses to fit in with people’s lives.

Until now, the government has focused on getting more young people – aged from 18 to 30 – into university.

Leaders of the UK’s universities support the move but say extra funding will be needed.

Mr Denham announced the drive in a speech to university leaders (Universities UK) in Leicester, saying courses should be based around the need of mature students to balance work, family and leisure with study.

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