My New Job – The Institute for Educational Cybernetics

Yesterday was my first day at the Institute for Educational Cybernetics (IEC) where I am now employed as a Reader in Inquiry-base Learning. IEC is an evolution of Jisc/CETIS and also pulls together a number of other European an UK funded projects. Richard Millwood joins the IEC on a part time basis and along with Mark Johnson one of our responsibilities will be to develop and research new courses that push the boundaries of current practice.

“The IEC mission is to develop a better understanding of how information and communications technologies affect the organisation of education, from individual learning to the global system.”

7 thoughts on “My New Job – The Institute for Educational Cybernetics

  1. Hamish Scott-Brown

    Congratulations and well done Stephen – I hope you make your mark as well as you did with us all at the ‘lab’ – Good luck in the new post.


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