Dualities of Multimedia Communications

The diagram below (inspired by Richard Millwood) is intended as a rhetorical device to help in the planning phase of creating some form of multimedia presentation based on three dimensions, audience, narrative, and control.


In terms of audience and narrative, the key question is that of author intent.

Is the work for the creators own personal gratification of is there a wider audience in mind?

Is the narrative intended to be a factual account or is the work intended to in some way affect a change? Arguably, good example of the latter would be the documentary The Inconvenient Truth. This is a work of fiction to some, and reportage of the current state of affairs to others.

The last dimension pushes at the boundary of what technology is increasingly offering. Many people are familiar with the term interactive television through activities such as choosing which camera shot of a football match to view or voting for participants in virtual reality shows. More extreme experiments have included offering different forks in a script for viewers to vote on or even asking the audience to suggest the plot direction themselves.

Possibly these are interesting dimensions for bloggers out there to reflect upon!:^)

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