CMALT application completed!

I finally managed to get my CMALT (recognition and accreditation for individuals working in the filed of e-learning) application in to what I hope will be an acceptable standard. Rather than submit a word document and supporting appendices, I chose the e-portfolio route. Initially tried to use the CMALT preferred e-portfolio tool Petal – about which I now have very little good to say. Why o why are Jisc funding projects such as this? There are a host of OSS and proprietary options out there have have far more advanced functionality and better usability and have been so for a long time.

Thankfully I understand that CMALT are moving platforms, let’s hope they chose something more intuitive to use. In the meantime, I recommend anyone thinking of following this route to consider carefully unless they have experience of Petal and understand its limitations.

Anyway my effort is here on WordPress. Like all real world work, much of what I have included was achieved collaboratively and many of my ex-colleagues applications could look very similar. Come to think of it, why don’t CMALT encourage joint applications – that would be very web2.O / connectivism, etc.:^)
Lastly, obvious as it may be I couldn’t of done much of what I claim without the student researchers of Ultraversity. In fact, with a little thought many of them could meet the CMALT criteria and if they have a good reason to do so should apply!

Whether or not it was worth the effort I just don’t know, but I made a start whilst still at ARU and as I committed to it felt I should complete.

10 thoughts on “CMALT application completed!

  1. Lindsey Wingate

    Well done for getting it finished πŸ™‚ I’ve deferred until July so will be interested to see the feedback you get with yours. It must have felt like a good opportunity for you to reflect on your experience and time with Ultraversity/Ultralab and how much we all achieved together πŸ™‚

  2. Pete Bradshaw

    Did you ever get this? I have had to resubmit… and am now waiting for reassessment… I have got AHEA though but that’s much easier. I’ll do FHEA when i get round to it.

  3. stephenp Post author

    Lucky you, hardly seems fair does it! I emailed and asked what was going on and was told that one of the assessors had been on holiday but they would chase it up.

    Not the way to build a professional association in my opinion…


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