Comet McNaught

Last night we were out comet watching. Unfortunately, I don’t have good enough camera to capture an image of the comet, but just a bunch of us watching it! This link will give you a better idea of how dramatic this was from NZ.

comet watching

As far as I know, the comet is about 300m across with a tail stretching out over some 2 million miles.

The last comet I remember watching was Hale-Bopp in 1997, from a garden in Bethesda in Wales. However, I seem to remember needing a telescope to see anything at all!

1 thought on “Comet McNaught

  1. Gina

    Ha! Looks like Africa and NZ were the best spots. I was looking at the dark side of the moon that night – not sure which would be more impressive. I only wish I’d thought to take hats and coats like you did….summer – pah!


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