Fritter your life away…

MusicoveryNothing better to do with life? Why not fritter some of it away at Musicovery.

Chose your starting tune by mood (energetic-calm, dark – positive) along a couple of axis and then browse from there. For the nostalgic amongst you, select a period in time…

As I write this I am listening to Bob Marley – One Love :^)

6 thoughts on “Fritter your life away…

  1. ali g

    Another fun music site is Pandora, you have to live in the states as they ask for a zip code, but, if you can’t think of one then, you don’t deserve Pandora. But then, no one deserves Pandora ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Pete Bradshaw

    It’s a neat idea but the interface needs some work… I kept clicking in the wrong place on Firefox. then if you stop and try and move it seems a bit arbitrary… also how can you browse a bit wider than just the immediate vicinity? Still… a neat idea. PS I couldn’t get Pandora as the service was down ;-(

  3. Lesley McGuire

    Hi Stephen – this looks like a site to play with on the Mac – on my desktop at work the sound seems to have been disabled.

    I find Pandora works brilliantly creating my own radio station and finding lots of music to my personal taste.


  4. Lindsey Wingate

    A bit restricted on the amount of tunes but great fun and Tom was even it playing on the speakers at the Lab last week…agree wwith Lesley and Ali about Pandora though ๐Ÿ™‚


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