WordPress migration

Finally blogging again after my migration to WordPress, hosted by BlueHost for $6.95 per month. I made these two key choices for two reasons. The first was I wanted to use Open Source Software with a vibrant community OSS community, hopefully giving me a reliable, long lived, and developing software.
Secondly I wanted a high degree of control over my blog so that I could install plugins, hack the code from time to time, and not be dependent upon someone else for my blog. However, I certainly didn’t want to run my own server and be responsible for its hardware and configuration.

In addition, BlueHost is “Fantastico Enabled“, which means that there are scripts to auto-install a range of software – Drupal, PhpBB2, phpWiki, etc. This worked first time with only a little knowledge and problem solving on my part, and it was only my subsequent hacking and installing of plugins that caused any real issues. However, a couple of days on and making extensive use of the very good WordPress and BlueHost help FAQ and forums I think I have got over most of the issues I encountered.

Now I juts need to get blogging again!

5 thoughts on “WordPress migration

  1. Jonathan Furness

    Fantastic work Stephen… quite envious that you don’t have a server to maintain, backup, update and manage – but then your needs are somehow different to mine. WordPress is a good choice – does what it says on the tin and is very extensible.

    Amazingly cheap for that sort of service… and largely due to the highly competitive market prices and the ever decreasing cost of hardware, particularly in storage devices.

  2. Stephen Powell

    Thanks for your comments guys. I see that you also chose WordPress Andy….

    I will see what I can do about the error message Pete.


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