The 'Higher Education Academy' for New Zealand?

My old friend Pete Bradshaw (new Blog looking good), knowing that I am seeking a new job told me about a job as Director, Ako Aotearoa: National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence. Somewhat above my ambition (thanks for the vote of confidence Pete), but for me the interesting point it illustrates is how quickly ideas are picked up, transported, and developed on the other side of the world.

This particular idea appears to be a version of the the Higher Education Academy – my own application for associate membership is at last submitted!:^) This is a relatively new (May 2004), and not yet proven, initiative for England and Wales “to help institutions, discipline groups and all staff to provide the best possible learning experience for their students.”

In NZ there will be “a new, national organisation dedicated to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning outcomes in tertiary education in New Zealand”- I am sure that like in the UK there is much to do in this direction.

A couple of years ago my friends at CORE-education did some work in this direction with the T4T4T project. This sought to develop communities of Tertiary teachers to help build capacity in institutions around learning and teaching.

None of this is easy but let’s hope that this new body doesn’t simply try to effect change in a top down way, but works with the staff of Tertiary institutions towards a bottom up revolution of learning and teaching!

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