Ultraversity graduation – online personalisation of learning through community

Ultraversity_graduation Today at Chelmsford Cathedral the first cohort of Ultraversity student researchers who had successfully studied for a BA (Hons), Learning, Technology and Research attended their graduation ceremony.

For most of the 140 graduates, Ultraversity_graduationthis was the first time that they had actually met face to face although they had developed close friendships through a model of learning that has online communities of inquiry at its heart. Communities where mutual feedback and support one of the key ingredients.

This approach to 100% online learning is highly personalised experience but not an isolated and individualised one that can be the end result of many online degrees.

3 thoughts on “Ultraversity graduation – online personalisation of learning through community

  1. nicola murton

    Congratulations to all! My colleague Maureen Slack who is now my inspiration was there so I hope you all had a fabulous day. You have all set the scene for us, well done kind regards Nicola C6


    Well done everyone I was in Cohort 1 but had to withdraw, I have rejoined Cohort 4 and hope to be in your positions in 2 years!!

  3. Susan Spencer

    I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at Ultraversity for their support and hard work. I was so proud to graduate on Friday and it was a perfect day. Thank you for creating an innovative and practical way for me to study. Well done to everyone who graduated and good luck to those of you still studying.


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