Firefox for bloggers

BBC NEWS | Technology | Firefox browser for web 2.0 age: ”

“A new version of the Firefox browser for the web 2.0 age is to make its debut on 24 October – 01:00 BST…it is believed to enjoy a 12-15% market share of the net browsing market globally…the browser had been developed with the demands for a rich web 2.0 age in mind

Major improvements include:
– a phishing finder that alerts people when they stray on to a site that tries to trick them into handing over login details for a bank or other valuable service.
– a spell checker that keeps an eye on every bit of text typed in almost any Firefox browser box be it in a web-based e-mail program
– an add-on that lets people post blog updates directly.”

Hopefully I will have more success with this as a blogging tool that with Flock which unfortunately never worked for me although it potentially offered much as a “social web browser”.

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