Automatically generate PDF and other file formats from RSS (blog) feeds

Tom Smith put me onto xFruits, a web 2.0 service that for him is a “tool to help me ‚ÄòCompose my information system‚Äô”. After a few struggles I worked out that you need to be logged out when you try to view the xFruit you have created, if not you just get to see the edit mode and this is confusing. What does it do and what are the possibilities?

This example shows how the RSS feed from my blog is rendered into a PDF file and other formats are also available. When students use blogs and websites as a part of their studies and wish to submit them for assessment, the University gets bogged down by quality assurance regulations. If students retain control of the assessment product (website, blog, etc) how can we guarantee that is hasn’t been worked on after the submission date?

One possible answer is that they automatically generated PDF to satisfy the University regulations, then we can browse their blog, website, or wiki in situ and as intended for assessment purposes.

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