The planet is stuffed!


Yesterday evening I drove 30 miles to an IKEA outlet near Nottingham. One of the things I bought there was a selection of plastic containers (Tupperware style), very useful and at £4 for the lot very good value I thought.

As with many low technology goods these days it was made in the Peoples Republic of China:
– good for them, it makes them richer
– good for me, I have some useful things at a cheap price
– hard luck planet!

The oil was transported to China, Chinese manufacturers made the plastic (likely not to the highest environmental standards), the goods were transported to the UK, then my local IKEA. I drove 60 miles round trip to pick them up at such a bargain price I could happily throw a few of them away after a picnic – oh dear me.

Oh, and the toaster in the background cost 12 quid and has had a similar life cycle….

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