6 good reasons to shoot advertising executives…


Many people wouldn’t have a clue where the city of Leicester is nor what it has to offer being a smallish city in the Midlands of the country of England. Reasonably enough the ‘city fathers’ commissioned an advertising agency to come up with a marketing/advertising strategy to promote Leicester and encourage economic growth.

The montage above is of 6 placards that can be viewed from platform 1 at Leicester’s main train station – there are 6 more that can be viewed from platform 3 on the opposite side.

The point I want to make is that this has to be the most self-depreciating and apologetic set of slogans that a city ever tried to promote itself with. Shoot the advertising executives executives!

Surprisingly local
Surprisingly ambitious city
Surprisingly entertaining
Surprisingly good for business
Surprisingly down-to-earth
Surprisingly vibrant

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