This is a neat piece of software introduced to me by Jed

This ”TiddlyWiki” installation is a collection of some ‘stuff’ that I might want to visit when not using my own computer. There are several neat things about this technology. It has some of the attributes of a wiki, some of the attributes of a blog, and although hosted on a web server, once accessed all of the content and functionality reside in the browser application – that is on your own machine.

Now all I need to do is work out how to deal with the brown and beige skin!

2 thoughts on “TiddlyWiki

  1. jedd Bartlett

    Well done, Stephen. You’ve got rid of all the extra “tiddlers” that came with the downloadable template I used, and seemed to really slow down the transfer between one tiddler and then next for me. Maybe you started with a different template. Brown and beige – the hardest part I found was getting my own banner design in there. I reckon this app would be useful for individual student/learner’s eportfolio, with it being one page and easily transported.

  2. Stephen

    Hi Jed, same version I think. What is important is that you edit the ‘DefaultTiddlers’ tiddler! This controls the view when the page is launched.


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