Building a website by committee

Sat in the Anglia room with about 40 Ultralab (old website) staff building a new Ultralab webiste by committee! No a promising prospect you might think, however the challenge of enabling a whole team to feel ownership of a website is no mean task. Why is this important? Richard Millwood, the director of Ultralab has set us the task of building a world class educational website where we engage with other passionate people in a dialogue about innovative educational practice. We want people who visit the website to be inspired by the ideas. More importantly though, we want to discuss them with us.

It is the general truth that there is far more known than can be written down and in this reports and research papers in themsleves are perhaps best seen only as an introduction to the knowledge of a domain.

If this website is to work we need to get all Ultranauts to want to share their work and join with others in dialogue about it in an open forum. The Ultralab website – a community of inquiry!

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