Key competencies – New Zealand Curriculum

New Zealand is undergoing review of its curriculum for its schools using a methodology of co-construction which seeks to gain as broad a consensus across stakeholder groups as possible. One interesting document that has come out of this is Key competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum

The purpose of this document is to “ offer teachers and learners a critical lens through which to view and think about the curriculum in its widest sense.” Reading through it I was mindful of how well it meshes with what we are trying to do at Ultraversity in moving away from a purely skills and knowledge focus and recognising that it is our ability to live and work in communities that are important to having ‘successful’ lives at work and play. The lenses identified are listed below as are the associated reflective questions that the learner can ask of themselves.

Relating to Other

  • What strategies do we have for negotiating a joint plan of action with others?
  • What is the impact of what we do on others?
  • Whose interests are being served or ignored in this interaction?

    Managing Self

  • How does this help my learning?
  • What is my understanding and opinion on this?
  • Is what I’m doing true to myself?

    Belonging (Participating and Contributing)

  • What can we do that will make a difference?
  • What are our obligations to the wider world and the future?
  • What possible “selves” are available to us in this and other contexts?

    Using Knowledge and Information (Thinking)

  • What do we need to know to address this question?
  • Where does this knowledge come from and how will we know if this knowledge is sufficient?
  • How can we use what we know already in this new context?

    Using Language, Symbols and Texts (Making Meaning)

  • How might we express and represent what we know, feel and imagine?
  • Whose languages, symbols or texts are we choosing and using, and why?
  • How does the way we make meaning change in different contexts and times?
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