Flickr possibilities


I am trying to set up Flickr to receive emailed images/text and then send it on through to my MT blog as a post. I want to do this for four reasons:
1. the ability to easily blog email correspondence by simply adding another email address
2. to be able to send photographs taken on a phone camera to my blog
3. Possibly spedd up the whole blogging process by not using web forms
4. maintan a local copy of my blogs

None of this high stakes in the world of interoperability I understand, but it might be a solution for some problems that are of particular significance to me.

Note: My first attempt only made it to flickr and I then had to manually help it on ist way by selecting the blog this image button in flickr.

1 thought on “Flickr possibilities

  1. Derek

    Thanks for this Stephen – really useful. I hve yet ot play fully with Flickr, so to see what you’re doing here is really helpful.


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