Team America – World Police


This would be a challenging film for some mainly because of the script and possibly because of the use of marionettes reminiscent of Thunderbirds, although more sophisticated in their facial expressions.

I chose to view the film as a critical commentary on ‘Team America’. However, with scenes like Michael Moore as a suicide bomber blowing himself up in the secret hideaway of Kim Jong-il beneath the sculpture of presidents heads on Mount Rushmore, it isn’t one to view if you are feeling politically correct or sensitive of recent events in London.

1 thought on “Team America – World Police

  1. Colquhouny

    I agree. Team America is a great film. But definetly not for the politically correct amongst you. I watched it for the first time last night and I love it. It is a great film for the immature. I have to be immature. I’m 13 years old. But I still recommend this. It is a must see for fans of South Park or Little Britain. This film has it’s cringe moments. If this film was done with real actors and not marionettes it would probably be banned. But the fact they chose to use marionettes makes this film quite hard to take seriously. For example, most people would either cringe at a sex scene this graphic but the fact it is done using marionettes makes transfixed. Not because of what’s going on but because of the fact that it’s not something you see everyday and is amazing how they actually pulled it off.


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