Cliff Richard


Just noticed when talking to Jed (he pointed it out) that when I am playing music on iTunes and logged into iChat then after my name on the buddy list is the title of the song and name of the artist that I am listening to (assuming that your iTunes has this information in your catelogue of music). I didn’t select anything to make it happen, but this seems very cool to me. I am not sure that there is any purpose, but it could be a credibility risk to any closet Cliff Richards fans out there who are also using iChat!

2 thoughts on “Cliff Richard

  1. Lisa

    I think at least your credibility is intact with listening to the Kaiser Chiefs Stephen, what good taste – and you can’t be a Cliff Richard fan because you spelt his name wrongly! 😉 I wonder if you’d have posted this if you’d been listening to the Spice Girls…?


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