Brill Live8 leraning object


Brill Live8 BBC learning object.

Amazing value, a totally free learning objects like the one from the link above from the BBC that could be at the heart of a whole programme of learning. Resources with this kind of information used to be quickly outdated because they were bound into a book. With this LO and the footage that is currently around on the Web and TV, etc. any Geography teacher worth their salt could set up a delightful and relevant learning experience at the drop of a hat!

And what if the BBC made this available to re-purpose? Students and teachers alike could manipulate the data and images to help them express their own analysis and interpretations.

3 thoughts on “Brill Live8 leraning object

  1. Mu

    I thought you were gonna post some footage of the Live8 concerts!!
    now thats something both music teachers and kids would hook into…going now to check out that learning object at BBC

  2. Mu

    Yeah, very useful Learning Object! Didn’t realise there were so many countries in Africa…but yeah, could be improved for learning purposes if it was editable and a bit more interactive. But definitely informative as it is and useful for geographical purposes at least. I think for many people, like myself, it opens eyes to the economic situation of countries in Africa.


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