Hanging onto your google juice

I have been talking to Jonathan Furness about how to migrate to a different domain name and retain Google juice. Jonathan’s advice is pretty straight forward and the key points he makes are:

  • it will take time for the new domain to be given a Google ranking
  • maintain the old URL setting all of the pages to link to the new site (automatically change the old to point to the new)
  • begin the migration of pointing as soon as the new site is up and running
  • build keyword links into your pages in the way that Google loves em….
  • get your friends to add the new URL’s to their Blog sites
  • 2 thoughts on “Hanging onto your google juice

    1. Lisa Munton

      Hi Stephen, can you explain to the very uneducated (like me :-() what you mean by Google juice – what is it? I think I’ve worked out it’s not something you pick up in Sainsburys, but why is it so important…?

    2. Stephen Powell

      Hi Lisa, yes very important if you want to get people who search using Google to find your web sites. Each web page that Google indexes is given a page rank from 1-10 and it is this that determines how high up a particular page will come in a search using Google. For example, if you are searching for Caribbean holidays then it is very important for holiday companies to get their site at the top of such search queries for obvious reasons. That is what Google Juice, or perhaps more correctly called Google page ranking is about.


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