HEFCE – Strategy for E-learning…

I have just read the HEFCE strategy for e-learning document published this week. Nothing particularly stunning in it, but it could be seen as a strong endorsement of the Ultraversity model that we are working on at Ultralab/APU. The document spans a 10 year timeframe and is designed to inform Universities action planning and change management. I have taken pasted some quotes below to give a flavour of the document. Most interestingly for me is the recognition that the “focus on student learning rather than developments in technology per se”. This seems to me to be a recognition that difficult as the technological questions are to ask and answers perhaps even harder are those around people and organisations. In particular organisational change to support e-learning and the changes that are required and in teaching and learning practice of lecturers. Personalisation and choice that are at the heart of the Ultraversity model are also the key drivers for Hefce.

“aim to support the HE sector as it moves towards embedding e-learning appropriately, using technology to transform higher education into a more student-focused and flexible system, as part of lifelong learning for all who can benefit.”

“to enable institutions to meet the needs of learners and their own aspirations for development.”

“ to promote learning research, innovation and development that begin with a focus on student learning rather than on developments in technology per se, enabling students to learn through and be supported by technology.”

“to support lifelong learning by joining up our strategy with those of other sectors of education, enabling connections between academic learning and experiential learning in the workplace and other aspects of life.”

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