iPhoto – what a good idea

I was browsing through my iPhoto and it brought back loads of memories. These two examples were from Cornwall a couple of years ago when I vistied Ian Tindal with Pete Bradshaw. Ian introduced us to beach stone sculpting. I wonder if the images help me to remeber the experience better than if I were reading a diary entry.



7 thoughts on “iPhoto – what a good idea

  1. Jonathan Furness

    Yes…. I love browsing my iPhoto collection…. and I simply couldn’t imagine having my photos in paper albums which collect dust, not so transferable… and just, well, inconvenient.

    I love keywording my photos too… so I can find all the photos of Max, or Dad, or whoever…. though I wish iPhoto manages the task of keywording better.

  2. Shirley

    I like the easy creation of web pages from iPhoto to my .mac account so I can share pictures easily with far-flung friends and family. I suppose that images evoke different sorts of ideas, not bounded by text.

  3. Lisa

    I feel sure they would… I’m not sure that words evoke quite the same memory as a picture if we are describing something we’ve experienced ourselves,in terms of the way they awaken our senses I mean, to what we saw and how we felt.

    Looks like fun, not sure I’d be patient enough to get them to balance though…

  4. Gina

    I disagree that photos are more powerful than words-maybe sometimes, but sometimes words can be as powerful if not more. I write poems often to express a moment in time, and I keep a kind of journal. When I read these after the event, my recollection is complex and vivid and lasting…..long live poetry 🙂

  5. Ian Tindal

    On their own words are great, as are pictures; both can convey a sense of what was there, of what happened, how it felt, together they can become more powerful still. Stephen wonders if the images help him to remember the experience better than a diary entry, a difficult comparison to draw out as the diary does not exist but I wonder what you feel might be the case Stephen. What would each offer ?

    I wonder about the impact of text or image on people who were not there on the day, rather than looking at what is recalled we would need to assess what is imagined, how and how well the media enable the viewer to empathise with the actuality.

    Something I recalled about the day is the sound of rock against rock, hard dense granite and blue elvan eggs ring when they bounce, they clack like clackers when they tap against each other.
    I made some virtual field trip pages ages ago for notschool.net and would be interested on your views as to whether the sound track on the first video gives the viewer any worthwhile additional information. Wait til it loads (could be a while on dialup) then watch it with sound off first especially the last few seconds !! – http://firstclass.ultraversity.net/~ian.tindal/environment/Earth/Coastlines/index.html There are more pics from close by your rock building beach lower down on the page too.

  6. Stephen Powell

    Yes, it took yonks to download. I would make two observations. The sound of the waves at the start of the movie created a feeling of being there and some ’emotion’ that the soundless video did not. As for the stones being rapped at the end, that gave me some ‘hard’ information about the characteristics of the rock. I guess that this is based on my trawling through memories from childhood until now and interpreting the sounds in the light oif my experiences. What do you reckon?


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