Context context context

Importance of context. People from South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana all felt strongly about this issue. namely, that it doesn’t work when course and programmes are ‘transplanted’ from developed countries and nor does it work between developing countries. A good example being the ‘trade’ in MBA between USA/Australia and South Africa. Currently, all such programmes are suspended but many millions have already been spent! Indeed, there was much anger surounding this ‘colonialisation’ of education and the view it propagates that i
indiginous’ education is in some way of less value that those of the western world. This is a viscous cyle, gain quailification with a foreign University and leave the country!

Thinking back to my days as a Geographer, this inappropriate export of technology (tractors without spares and the skills to repair, etc) is well recognised. Depressing that we still haven’t understood context in relation to education!

2 thoughts on “Context context context

  1. Nick Billowes

    I read somewhere once regarding govt that it is better to have poor local govt that allows for self determination than good off-shore government that allows for uninformed ignorant and preconceived decisionmaking which has the impact of disenfranchisement

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