• Blognologoy – the technology behind blogsites including the different Blog applications, XML/RSS feed technology, and Wiki technology (not really the same but we often integrate them into our Blogsites)
  • Blogiste – a collection of Blogs and Wiki sites
  • Retrospective blogging – posting a Blog with a ‘fake’ date sometime in the past. This can be frownd upon if not used ethically as it can make you look like right old know it all – e.g. France 2:England 1
  • Blog of Blogs – a collection of Blogs structured together like a single Blog
  • Blogtastic – an enthusiastic exclamation when something works well!

    If you have more………

  • 10 thoughts on “Blogcabulary

    1. Pete Bradshaw

      Blogarithm (n.)

      The act of regularly posting in a blog. In this definition ‘regular’ means that the frequency of posts is blogarithmic (q.v.)

      Blogarithmic (adj.)

      Used to describe the frequency of blogging by a regular blogiste (q.v.). When starting a blog, the frequency is greater than it is subsequently. Taken over the first period of time (six weeks say), the frequency is twice as great as over the second period of time.

    2. Pete Bradshaw

      Oh, I thought a blogiste was someone who blogged… maybe that’s an alternative definition… or did you mean blogsite?


      Blogaholic (n.)

      1. Someone who compulsively shares their life with others through their blog. 2. Someone who belives the world is only accurately purveyed through the medium of blogs, eschewing all other forms of news and information.


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