Attached are two text files that make my BLOG look like it does. I have been playing around with this for quit a bit of time this past week. Essentially there is a style sheet file that controls how the text looks (fonts) and a Main Index file that structures the page – referring back to the stylee sheet. To make your MT Blog look like mine (I am not suggesting this is a good idea), then chose the ‘edit template’ option and then the main and style templates and paste the ‘code’ in. You will need to upload a banner and replace the link to my banner. Play around with these after first saving a copy of your own templates so that you can revert to them if required. If you are not using MT, the principles are the same but my code will most likely not work.

Main index code.
Style sheet code.

1 thought on “MOVABLETYPE

  1. Lesley McGuire

    Thanks Stephen – this saved my blog from total disaster after I had played around with it so much I hadn’t a clue how to get it back to normal


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