I just want to throw in a few thoughts on the issue of Ôø&!Retrospective BloggingÔø&!. This is a phrase I am using to describe the practice of enhancing reputation through the creation of Blog entries that refer to outcomes already known about. For example, the posting in November 2003 in a sports writers Blog that predicts Arsenal for the Premiership, and Manchester United for the FA Cup beating Millwall 4 Ôø&! 0 Ôø&! how did he predict that sir! The answer is he didnÔø&!t, but simply created a Blog entry retrospectively.

This facile example is simply to illustrate the point that Blog technology means that Ôø&!truthÔø&! can be readily tampered with. This is also clearly the case with websites, but I believe that there is something different in hoe Blog entries are presented. That is the time stamped nature of Blogs makes this tampering all the more Ôø&!convincingÔø&! and potentially significant as a practice.




AUTHOR: stephenp
STATUS: Publish
CONVERT BREAKS: __default__
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Research & Evaluation
CATEGORY: Research & Evaluation

DATE: 05/31/2004 09:13:52 AM

Attached are two text files that make my BLOG look like it does. I have been playing around with this for quit a bit of time this past week. Essentially there is a style sheet file that controls how the text looks (fonts) and a Main Index file that structures the page – referring back to the stylee sheet. To make your MT Blog look like mine (I am not suggesting this is a good idea), then chose the ‘edit template’ option and then the main and style templates and paste the ‘code’ in. You will need to upload a banner and replace the link to my banner. Play around with these after first saving a copy of your own templates so that you can revert to them if required. If you are not using MT, the principles are the same but my code will most likely not work.

Main index code.
Style sheet code.

2 thoughts on “Blogtegrity

  1. Tom Smith

    Nostradamus was the first to do this, predicting events that had already happened, thereby building a reputation. Peoples’ memories are so short.

    But then I did blog about this back in 1556…

  2. Andy Roberts

    Remember dejanews?
    It was a global archive of every usenet newsgroup post, went offline for a a year or so and then came back as Google Groups. It made a difference because whatever you might claim about newsgroup and poster history could be proved or disproved by anyone who could be bothered to do a quick search of the archives.
    What I’m thinking is that somebody somewhere may produce a similar service for blogs, by collating an independently date stamped global archive of RSS and atoms feeds as they appear. So you could fool some of the people some of the time by retro posting to your own blog but you wouldn’t be able to fool the archive miners.


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