Make learning delightful…..

A nice icream imageThis is the mantra for Ultralab , but what does it actually mean? No doubt there are many equally valid interpretations by Ultralab staff and the many many people we work with. So, for me one of the qualities of delightful learning is:

“an experience that is compelling enough to follow through to fulfilment”

These are some of the hopefully ‘delightful’ projects we are working on at Ultralab South and these are some of my ideas and research into online learning.

For Michaele Winter, a colleague at Ultralab South, delightful learning meant:

“I like to think of it as meaning of the light, because when I delight in something, I feel illuminated and light hearted. I guess that for me it has something to do with being aligned to my highest and ‘in the flow’.”

2 thoughts on “Make learning delightful…..

  1. Gina

    It’s a shame so much learning isn’t delightful, but I think it would be unrealistic to expect learning to be delightful all the time.

  2. Anne

    I was on the hunt on the Ultralab website for documented statements of ‘delightful learning’. for that matter anywhere. I am an eLearning fellow, getting support from Ultralab South for my research project about ‘delightful learning’ in an online learning community.

    Many of the students experience the delight from relationships and communication with others, that is, – a range of comments from meeting others, to chatting and getting to know one another and then to collaboration – working in teams with others – all in an online learning community.


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